Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UT vs. Kansas with the Fam!

UT vs. Kansas with the whole Fam! Pre-game band.

Pre-game TX Flag.

My Girls ~ ~ ~ Go Horns!

Sunday, we stopped by Austin's Park for Go-Carts, bumber boats, and a Day o' Fun!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family Vacation...2009

Once again, we spent the 4th of July week in Breckenridge, CO. We welcomed the break from 100+degree days in Dallas for the mid-60's in Breck.

Walking distance to town, lots of shopping and eating.

...our 'sassy girl'

...early in the week, we were challenged with the weather with several rounds of showers each day. But, it lended some beautiful views and spectacular rainbows.

My close friend, Jim Hawley, joined us. The kids had a new playmate which was relatively easy, since Jim is just a 46 yr. old kid! We learned a new card game that became the nightly activity for the entire family.

Breckenridge has a great Fun Park with Alpine Slide, puttputt, bungee trampoline, spin cycle, AND some exploring on snow fields.

...he's not having any FUN at all.
YES, this is the same slide that I broke my rt. femur on about 8 yrs ago. Let's just say Dad took it easy this year.

This is during our prep for the rafting trip in Brown's Canyon. As you can tell below, we all had a blast. Lauren decided that she'd had enough at the lunch takeout. She and I caught a shuddle while the others finished up the ride.

Unfortunately, Jeff wasn't able to make the MAN hike this year. He and Dedra both were challenged with some mid-week illness/allergies/altitude. SO rather than Mt. Holy Cross, Jim and I chose a shorter hike but still a 14er - 14,036. It was quick so we bagged Mt. Gemini next door at 13,950ft.

This is the old mining road near the beginning of the morning.

...the diabetic on the trail.

Jim and I on Mt. Sherman.
we dumped our packs and bagged Mt. Gemini in short order.

Our last day was the "Family Hike" to McCullough Gulch. A great 3-mile hike up to a glacier lake complete with a snow ball fight in July!

Me and My Honey!

So, for the trip down, we converted my pack into a nice "nap sack" for Hayden. Why didn't Jim offer to carry me down from Mt. Sherman?????

...another fun time on our way down...we picked out a nice snow field and the kids glissaded down.

We all had a great time!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


with doc appt's putting me out of commission for some time, days upon days of rain, travel, travel, tool a bit longer than anticipated, but here is the finished product.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Home Projects

Lauren loves to help dear ol' dad with home projects. Note the new fence I built a few weeks ago. Now, it's time for the stone path.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Guys Weekend!

Ryan and I spent this last weekend in Llano, TX. A little R&R at the deer lease, 4-wheelers, target practice, hiking, gaming, and sleep!

Ryan's role as the gate opener/closer as we entered the deer lease.

Ryan and I had a nice hike one morning, 'til we ran into this guy below. We escaped unharmed and let him live to rattle another day.

...and here is Ryan "roughing it" at the camphouse with Halo3.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 Destination

I have presented Jeff with our goal for Summer 2009. On our trip last year to Breckenridge, we took 1 day for a MAN hike - one that only the guys go on so we can fully experience oxygen deprivation and altitude sickness... so we can feel like absolute crap the entire day/evening. ...And worth it! Fortunately, the women are supportive of this knowing they have the kids for the day. Wives, we thank you.

Mt. of Holy Cross, 14,005 ft....should be approximately 11-12 miles round trip and 10-11 hours, depending on which literature you happen to acquire and the true potential for losing the trail with my navigation skills AND of course, weather. Online blogs vary from "hardest 14er I've ever done" to "great day hike with my family" so it seems to be a bit unpredictable. Standard route UP with a glissade down Angelica Couloir on the decent may be the plan. Jeff loves the snow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!!

Ryan's 11th...YES...11th. birthday. And this below is Jenn's Manga Masterpiece on the birthday cake. He had a wonderful day, lots of comments from friends at school, phone calls from family, b-day cards in the mail, and MONEY. He was truly appreciative and that makes mom and dad proud. He's looking forward to investing into some additional art supplies to support his Manga habit.